Noise suppression measures for steps
Shielding film for Rigid FPC (high step)



With the full-scale introduction of 5G that enables high-capacity, low latency, and multiple simultaneous connections, the time is near when various things will be connected wirelessly. In the automotive field, it is expected that sensors and other electronic components will increase in line with improvements in autonomous driving technology, where noise suppression measures is becoming increasingly important. The SF-PC6000-U1/U1N, offering shield performance the same as the standard product (SF-PC5600-C), is also compatible with high steps by eliminating the shielding layer (silver deposition).

  • ● Structural drawing of the SF-PC5600-C

  • ● Structural drawing of the SF-PC6000-U1/U1N

  • Structural drawing of the SF-PC6000-U1/U1N
  • ● Reliability test (left at high temperature (125℃) for 2,000 hours)

    • Joint resistance value
      Joint resistance value
    • Peeling strength
      Peeling strength

* Above data and numerical values are all actual measurement values, not guaranteed values.