Thin-film multi-layer FPC
hielding film for FPC (ultrathin)

SF-PC®5900-C / SF-PC®8900-C


Ideal for FPC in advanced electronic devices that pursue thinness to the utmost limit. Compatible with “light, thin, short, and small” trends, it is adopted in various electronic devices, including smartphones.

  • 3-layer FPC

    3-layer FPC
  • Double-sided FPC + Shielding film

    Double-sided FPC + Shielding film

The adoption of the shielding film enables pseudo-multilayer FPC. The SF-PC5900-C (SF-PC8900-C) is 8μm in total thickness, contributing to a thinner-film FPC.

Examples of Use

● The SF-PC8900-C is a product with improved electrical characteristics compared to existing products. Since the transmission loss is small when bonded to FPC, it can also be used for long FPC in PC and tablet computers.

  • ● Insertion loss

    Insertion loss (S-parameter Sdd21) 
  •  Insertion loss

Above data and numerical values are all actual measurement values, not guaranteed values.