EMI shielding film

Shielding film for high speed transmission FPCs(Ultra thin and high shielding effect)


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UL94 VTM-0(Combination with Kapton 50H)
※Kapton® is a registered trademark of DuPont Corporation

Product Overview

These are thinner types of shielding film with a high shielding effect. With the miniaturization of electronic devices and the increase in mounted components, the trend of downsizing is continuing. In addition, the demand for high shielding in the high frequency range has been increasing in recent years, and our products can meet this demand. Depending on the required shielding effect and thickness, you can select from SF-PC®3900R1-C or SF-PC®3900R2-C.


  • High shielding effect

    ProductShielding effect
    SF-PC3900R1-CAbove 80dBAbove 85dB
    SF-PC3900R2-CAbove 85dBAbove 95dB
  • Realize the total thickness of 12µm/13µm

    While maintaining a high shielding effect, the total thickness is as thin as 12μm (SF-PC3900R1-C) and 13μm (SF-PC3900R2-C).
Shielding film for high speed transmission FPCs(Ultra thin and high shielding effect)

Main specifications

 Item SF-PC3900R1-C SF-PC3900R2-C
Transfer film thickness 50μm(Transparent) 50μm(Transparent)
Total thickness (after pressing) 12μm 13μm
Protection layer thickness 6μm 6μm
Shielding layer thickness 1μm 2μm
Anisotropic conductive adhesive layer thickness 5μm 5μm
Adhesive strength Above 3.0N/cm Above 3.0N/cm
Expiration date(refrigerated) 6months 6months

Examples of Use

  • Supports faster interfaces

  • Achieves thin film of high shielding effect for FPC

Reference data

  • Shielding effect for electric field

  • Shielding effect for magnetic field

  • Coaxial tube method for Shielding effect (7mm Coaxial tube )

  • Waveguide method for shielding effect(26.5GHz)