GND reinforcement

Free grounding film (non-conductive adhesive)


  • SP
  • PC/Tablet
  • AUTO
  • TV
  • Other

UL94 V-0 (combined with Kapton50H)
* Kapton® is a registered trademark of DuPont in the U.S.

Product Overview

The FPC GND can be connected with external GND by bonding the NFGF-100 in a desired place for GND and covering its perimeter with a shielding film. It is also effective for providing the folding part of FPC with GND due to the folding durability.


  • Enables drawing out GND from any place on FPC

    Enables securing GND for external connection in the FPC wiring area through the shielding film.
  • Enables high-density wiring of boards

Free grounding film (non-conductive adhesive)

Main specifications

Item NFGF-100
Thickness Reinforcing film (blue) 64um
Total thickness (after press) 15um
Total thickness (after press) About 0.5μm
Plating layer 6um
Cu foil layer 9um
Non-conductive adhesion layer Under 1.0Ω
Peeling strength Over 3.0N/cm
Shelf life (keep cool) 6 months

Examples of Use

Application image

  • Overhead view

    Overhead view
  • Cross-sectional view

    Cross-sectional view

Reference data

  • 180℃ folding test results

    180° folding test results

* Above data and numerical values are all actual measurement values, not guaranteed values.

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