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Thermal setting conductive bonding film (high reliability)


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UL94 VTM-1 (combined with Kapton200H) * CBF-900-D40/-D60
* Kapton® is a registered trademark of DuPont in the U.S.

Product Overview

Maintains excellent joint reliability and peeling strength even under an environment of 85℃ and 85% for 2,000 hours. This product has improved embeddability in a vacuum quick press.


  • Excellent bonding property with various base materials

    Offers excellent bonding property with metallic stiffeners and various other adherends.
  • Strengthening of GND

    By electrically connecting FPC GND circuits and metallic stiffeners, GND can be strengthened in component packaging areas.
  • High temperature and humidity resistance

    Higher joint reliability and peeling strength are achieved during environmental tests at 85℃ and 85%Rh.
Thermal setting conductive bonding film (high reliability)

Main specifications

Item CBF-900-D40 CBF-900-D60
Thickness Transfer film (white) 50um 50um
Product thickness Before press 42um 60um
After press 32um 49um
Peeling strength vs. Ni-SUS304 Over 8N/cm Over 8N/cm
vs. polyimide Over 8N/cm Over 8N/cm

Shelf life (keep cool)

8 months 6 months

Examples of Use

In-vehicle applications

Reference data

High temperature and humidity test (85℃, 85%Rh, 2,000 hours)

  • ・Joint resistance

    Joint resistance
  • ・Peeling strength

    Peeling strength

    * The above show reference values, not guaranteed values.

* Above data and numerical values are all actual measurement values, not guaranteed values.

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