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Thermoplastic shielding film for FFC


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Product Overview

This shielding film is a heat-sealing type (thermoplastic). Total thickness is reduced by thin-film formation technology. Being lightweight and superior in bending property, it is ideal for shielding mobile devices and various cable materials. It is widely adopted as a shielding material for consumer equipment and flexible flat cables for TVs. Also, the adoption of the SF-FC500, which has achieved 125°C heat resistance upon request for high reliability, has expanded in in-vehicle applications.


  • Ultralight and high bending property(SF-FC700)

    Small in product thickness, lightweight, and superior in bending property.
  • Low-temperature and short-time bonding

    The thermoplastic conductive adhesive facilitates bonding with various base materials.
  • Excellent shield characteristics

    Offers excellent shield performance by the metallic thin film layer.(SF-FC700)

    Aluminum foil (10μm) realizes even higher shielding performance.(SF-FC500)
  • High heat resistance (SF-FC500)

    Achieves 125℃ heat resistance required in in-vehicle applications.
Thermoplastic shielding film for FFC

Main specifications

Item SF-FC700 SF-FC500
Total thickness (after press) 29μm 45μm
Base film 9μm 12μm
Interlayer adhesive layer - 3μm
Shielding layer 0.1μm 10μm(aluminum foil)
Conductive adhesion layer (thermoplastic) 20μm 20μm
Peeling strength Over 4.0N/cm Over 4.0N/cm
Shelf life (at room temperature) 6 months 6 months

Examples of Use

  • Car navigation systems

  • Display (Automotive)

  • Video game

Reference data

  • KEC Method: electric field shielding effect

  • KEC Method: magnetic field shielding effect

  • Joint resistance(125℃)

  • Conduction resistance(125℃)

* Above data and numerical values are all actual measurement values, not guaranteed values.

Download reference materials

SF-FC700, 710_技術資料