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Thermoplastic impedance control film for FFC


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Product Overview

This heat-sealing type (thermoplastic) functional conductive film can control the impedance of flexible flat cables (FFC). It is designed so that the differential impedance of 100Ω required in LVDS transmission lines can be achieved by bonding the film to both sides of FFC. Also, because of the thin and lightweight design, the original flexibility of FFC is not impaired.


  • Electrical characteristics

    Due to the mesh structure of the conductor, the differential impedance of 100Ω suitable for LVDS is achieved.
  • Ultralight and high bending property

    Small in product thickness, lightweight, and superior in bending property.
  • Low-temperature and short-time bonding

    The thermoplastic conductive adhesive facilitates bonding with various base materials.
Thermoplastic impedance control film for FFC

Main specifications

Item SF-FC334 SF-FC374
Total thickness (after press) 32μm 32μm
Base film 12μm 12μm
Shielding layer 0.1μm 0.1μm
Pitch L=0.3mm L=0.3mm
S=2.7mm S=6.7mm
Conductive adhesion layer (thermoplastic) 20μm 20μm

Peeling strength

Over 3.0N/cm Over 3.0N/cm

Shelf life (at room temperature)

6 months 6 months

Examples of Use

  • TV

  • OA equipment (printer)

Reference data

  • Characteristic impedance

  • Characteristic impedance

* Above data and numerical values are all actual measurement values, not guaranteed values.

Download reference materials

SF-FC334 / 374 特性インピーダンス測定資料