Peripheral material (non-conductive)

Double-sided adhesion tape


  • SP
  • PC/Tablet
  • AUTO
  • TV
  • Other

Product Overview

While being 20μm in thickness, this double-sided adhesion tape has high peeling strength in response to various materials. Slit processing can be performed upon request.


  • High temperature and humidity resistance in response to various materials

    Maintains excellent peeling strength even under an environment of 65°C/90%.
Double-sided adhesion tape

Main specifications

Representative spec WPSA-D848
Separator 25um
Total thickness 20um
Separator 25um
Peeling strength 4.0N/25mm
Shelf life 12 months

Reference data

  • Peeling strength (SUS)

  • Peeling strength (PET)

* Above data and numerical values are all actual measurement values, not guaranteed values.