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Reflow protection tape


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Product Overview

This masking tape offers excellent heat resistance with little adhesive residue. It is ideal for preventing contamination of Au-plated terminals during solder paste printing and reflowing (also compatible with lead-free solder).


  • Compatible with lead-free solder reflows

  • Adherends are not contaminated

  • The tape can be cut at any desired position

Reflow protection tape

Main specifications

Item RPT-150
Thickness Heat resistant resin 30μm
Thickness Heat resistant adhesive 10μm
Total thickness 40μm
Thickness Separator 75μm
Shelf life (at room temperature) 12 months

Reference data

Item Measurement value
Breaking strength *1 Before reflowing 10N
After five reflows 9N
Peel force (adhesive force) *2 Before reflowing 0.16N/cm
After five reflows 0.81N/cm
Staining property (Au-plated terminal)*3 Before reflowing 34dyne/cm
After five reflows 32dyne/cm

*1 Tensile testing machine: Minebea’s PT200N; sample width: 10mm; pulling rate: 300mm

*2 Machine, sample, and test conditions are the same as *1; adherend: Au-plated sheet

*3 Wettability test in accordance with JIS K 6768 (reagent manufactured by Wako Pure Chemical Industries)

* Above data and numerical values are all actual measurement values, not guaranteed values.